Growing. Together.




At the age of just 9, Felix Finkenbeiner from Germany founded the plant-for-the-planet initiative with the goal of planting one million trees. That was in 2007. Three years later, the goal was achieved. He is now active internationally and, together with the UN's Billion Tree Campaign, has planted the incredible figure of well over 14 billion trees in 130 countries. Next goal: an incredible 1 trillion trees. Many other initiatives to preserve and reforest forests are now also active. We are happy to support them. Instead of often useless advertising material, which is distributed in abundance at trade fairs and events, we distribute small clay pots with spruce seeds. Of course, made locally in the region because of the carbon footprint. Anyone can plant a tree like this, and many of these trees then form a forest. Hilite is aware of its responsibility to the environment - thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and our research & development, we are helping to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in automobiles and make electric as well as hydrogen-based forms of propulsion viable and affordable for the future.  Growing together. Everyone can make a difference, because change always starts with the person in front of us, when we look in the mirror.

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