Hilite China Supplier Quality Conference 2020





On December 23, 2020, Hilite China Supplier Quality Conference was successfully held in Changshu International Conference Center. More than 40 major supplier management representatives attended the meeting.


The purpose of the conference was to summarize and review the quality performance during the past year, and to discuss the quality basis and challenges of the coming year. Furthermore, the quality management philosophy of Hilite, enhancing mutual understanding and trust between Hilite and the suppliers, was conveyed.


The meeting was opened with the speech of Quality Director Adam Wang. On behalf of the management, Mr. Wang welcomed the participated supplier management representatives, presented an overview of Hilite’s operation and quality status in the past year, and publicized the company’s quality policy and philosophy. He also expressed the hope to obtain better quality performance with the cooperation from suppliers.


Leo Gong, SQE manager, presented the summary of 2020 supplier quality performance, and shared typical quality cases and improvement cases as well as the components quality control requirements in 2021. He received a strong agreement from the participated suppliers. They've also got clearer understanding of the requirements for quality control.


Subsequently, 3 top-quality suppliers were announced, and the General Manager Asia of Hilite, Mr. Li, presented the awards to the supplier representatives. The awarded suppliers shared their experience in quality improvements, and stated that they would make persistent efforts to promote even better cooperation with Hilite. Afterwards, the key suppliers also shared their lessons learned in regards to improvement plans, indicating a better quality answer sheet will be submitted in Year 2021.


At the end of morning session, Mr. Li, made a summary speech expressing his appreciation and thanking the supplier partners for their continuous support to Hilite. He specifically commented on the achievements and challenges experienced in the past year and clarified the cooperation opportunities and improvement requirements in the future. Mr. Li hopes that Hilite could have sincere cooperation, mutual benefits and win-win situation with all the suppliers.


In the afternoon, the suppliers were invited to visit Hilite plants to have a deep understanding of Hilite’s production lines and learn about the assembly of their products.

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