Hilite & Driving Safety Training

Hilite stands for safety - also in road traffic. For service and pool car drivers there are therefore driving safety trainings. The aim is to experience a vehicle in extreme situations on prepared tracks in order to avoid accidents in road traffic. On January 28, eight colleagues from the Hilite site in Nürtingen (Germany) were able to complete a driving safety training course at the ADAC facility in Kirchheim/Teck. Among other things, the facility features irrigated dynamic surfaces with stainless steel plates on which skidding behavior and correct countersteering can be practiced.

The participants were able to safely test the behavior and limits of their vehicles in various situations. Various driving techniques were practiced in critical situations on dry and wet roads under the influence of the various assistance systems. But also the correct adjustment of the correct seat position in the vehicle was a topic.


Very informative were the experiences in the slalom course and why doing parallel tasks on the smartphone in traffic is not a good idea - it is forbidden anyway.


The training was very interesting for all participants to react correctly in today's road traffic in a hopefully never occurring extreme and dangerous situation. Time well spent, fun was not neglected either. Driving safety training can also be booked privately and is always a benefit for novice drivers but also for frequent drivers.

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