Room for communication improvement is even in the smallest corner





Keeping your own employees regularly and sufficiently informed about what's going on in your company and its industry is a matter of course? There is no ideal formula for a sufficient dosage of information and the right mix of digital and analog communication channels. Yet communication with employees is important and can help improve the mood and thus performance.


Hilite's management has therefore invested in new information boards for the German sites. They have a modern layout and are clearly structured with colored headings - intended for all types of announcements and basic information. They replace the decades-old and old-fashioned display cases with glass panes. They will also provide even more transparency at more transit points. The measures are supplemented by monitors at all sites, which display up-to-date information - whether messages from management, the works council, new vacation arrangements, market trends, customer or trade show visits e.g.


The slides are presented briefly and concisely in slider mode, also with a high proportion of images. Location-specific information is only shown at the respective location. This activities are particularly helpful for production employees who do not have access to PCs on duty.  If the focus in communication is too much on digital, analog options are easily underestimated or simply forgotten. Remember: There is room for better communication even in the smallest corner.

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