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Motored cylinder head test bench

Testing at Hilite International

We test performance under all conditions


Our test departments support projects from the initial client enquiry to build individual parts for A- samples to durability testing of series applications.


We are the professional contact for our clients due to the technically diverse teams of experienced technicians and engineers who can implement wide-ranging testing requirements quickly and flexibly.


We deliver quality quickly


  1. Measuring lab with state-of-the-art measuring technology
  2. Workshop for manufacturing individual parts
  3. Clean room for building and assembling prototypes

We build initial prototypes and samples that are close to production in a quick and flexible way to high quality standards.

Camphaser test bench

Force-stroke test bench and force-current test bench

Returns analysis

We want to understand test results in detail

  1. Independent analysis team
  2. Standardised process for returns
  3. REM analyses
  4. Support for the quality assurance team with field analyses

Our highly qualified team analyses returns from internal testing or customer testing using metallography, REM, optical microscopy or cleanliness testing.

Building test benches

Tests can be standardized and reproduced worldwide


  1. Building test benches and devices
  2. Setting up test bench electronics
  3. HITest and HIEnd test bench software

Building test benches in-house using in-house testing software allows us to implement flexible and customised solutions with a high degree of standardisation.

Functional test bench Transmission

Motored engine test bench

Engine test facilities

Fully variable with dynamics

  1. Functional test benches for valves and phasers
  2. Component durability tests
  3. Pulsation tests
  4. Dynamic tests on the motor from -30°C to +150°C

Components and systems are tested for reliability and durability in specially designed endurance profiles.

Transmission test facilities

Precision tested in depth

  1. Functional testing
  2. Magnet tests
  3. Hot/cold tests
  4. Durability
  5. Contamination tests
  6. Robustness tests

Tests can be carried out in a very wide-ranging temperature range, from -30°C to +150°C, taking all conceivable external influences and disturbances into account and test our systems above and beyond the customer requirements.

Contamination test bench

Pulsation test bench VCR



Welding process VCR

VCR test facilities

Developing for the future

  1. End-of-Line (EOL) testing that is close to production
  2. Life cycle tests
  3. Pulsation tests
  4. Tightness tests

The test benches and test routines specially designed for the StepCom®  connecting rods are state-of-the-art and are continually being developed by us. A test of end-of-lines that are close to production is used as early as the pre-and series development phase.


Functional and life-cycle tests are optimised for highly dynamic testing that is close-coupled to the engine to optimise valves and sealing systems for our product.


Manufacturing processes such as tempering, hardening and welding using a laser beam system allow us to develop series assembly processes that are cost-effective.