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The Vanecam® standard adjustment systems’ powerful functionality has been expanded further with the FastPhaser® system:


  1. Higher adjustment speed
  2. Lower oil consumption
  3. More compact design
  4. Larger range of functions





A smart solution with great benefits


Intelligent and compact

The intelligent hydraulic circuit of the optional FastPhaser® system allows the oil that returns during adjustment to be used. Increasing the adjustment speed whilst simultaneously reducing oil consumption and improving functional stability when running at idle speed and hot temperatures allows the camshaft adjustment system to be redimensioned. The phaser can be designed in a more compact way, and the functional limits of the hydraulic camshaft adjustment system have been expanded. The FastPhaser® system allows for implementation inside components with little additional effort. By using the system, great improvements can be made in relation to adjustment speeds and oil consumption. In this way, adjustment speeds between 200° Kw/sec and 500° KW/sec can be easily achieved at all operating points with a high degree of controllability, and are implemented in various series applications.

An innovative System

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