Flowtronic® valves

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Flowtronic® valves
Wherever hydraulic actuation and control tasks require a solution


Electro-hydraulic actuators and control valves form the interface between electrical signal processing and the system process (mechanics). They convert the low-power actuation signals into an actuation force with the higher power required for the system process.






Advantages of the Flowtronic® valves:

  1. Reduction of CO2 emissions
  2. Reduction in fuel consumption
  3. Increased efficiency











Clutch control valve


Gear shift valve

Structure and function

Flowtronic® valves can be used wherever hydraulic actuation and control tasks require a solution. In the automotive sector, this includes for example:

  1. Supply, control and regulation of actuation of automated manual transmissions (AMT), dual-clutch transmission (DCT), continuously variable automatic transmissions (CVT) and automatic transmissions (AT)
  2. Control of automated clutch actuations in hybrid engines and torque vectoring systems
  3. Control of variable all-wheel clutches and differential locks
  4. Control of other hydraulic auxiliary units

Fundamentally, a distinction is made between the following types of valves:

  1. pressure control valves (PCV)
  2. volume control valves
  3. flow control valves
  4. on/off valves
  5. PWM valves

These valves can be used as switch or proportional valves in various designs:

  1. slide valves
  2. seat valves

Characteristics and details

Our control valves are designed for your specific application on the basis of our valve kit systems. Your requirements regarding the medium used, clearance and electrical and mechanical interfaces are taken into account. The valve functions are adapted to your specific requirements regarding intake pressures, hysteresis, leakage and dynamic requirements such as reaction speed and control stability. We will find the optimal solution for you as far as function, energy efficiency, dynamics, robustness and cost are concerned.

An innovative system

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