Quality at Hilite International

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Our high quality standards are impressive


Our products meet the highest quality requirements. Our management system is certified to guarantee this and is audited at regular intervals by independent bodies. You will find our quality certificates here.



Extraction room
Measuring room
Form tester
Scanning electron micropscope
Camphaser test bench for cleanliness analysis
Ultra coordinate measuring machine

Focus on quality


This is how we ensure the quality of our products


From the launch of a project to the start of series production, quality planning is integrated into product development. This ensures that quality standards are embedded in our products from the project start and failures are avoided even in the product development process.


In conjunction with Purchasing, we work with our suppliers to ensure the necessary quality of our purchased parts.


The test equipment integrated into our production systems checks the quality of our products even during the production process. The Quality department supports production in this context.


In modern metrology laboratories, we ensure both the quality of our purchased parts and the quality of the products we manufacture.




The Hilite quality policy
We are committed to the principles of our quality policy:


Safeguarding jobs in the long term

Our aim is to generate profits and thus to safeguard our jobs in the long term.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

We maintain partnerships with our customers. Customer satisfaction comes first.

100 % On time delivery

We respond quickly and thoroughly to inquiries, offers, samples and complaints. We keep to the deadlines and delivery times we promise.

Zero defect strategy

We carry out every task properly from the project start. This improves both our products and our processes, and cuts costs as well. Failure avoidance takes precedence over failure rectification. Not only the faults themselves, but the causes of those faults are eliminated.

Competence through innovative products

We are a professional partner for our customers in the development of market-orientated, innovative products.

Involvement of all employees in the continuous improvement process

Achieving our quality objectives at all levels is an important management task. We therefore attach particular importance to quality and the knowledge derived from delivering it in assessing all the results of our work. An important prerequisite in this context is the involvement of all employees, ongoing improvement of all processes through teamwork and the way in which we preserve and update knowledge in the entire organization.

Involvement of suppliers and other interested parties

We also pass on our obligations to our suppliers. This is reflected in the products and services they provide. Our suppliers commit to comply with our objectives. All other stakeholders are taken into account in our processes.